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SJT Associate Companies

We are proud to be collaborating with three innovative companies in a programme of exciting new creative partnerships.

VOXED is a dance theatre company creating work that is all about storytelling. Their aim is to bring people together through the shared experience of dance theatre. 

Find out more about them on their website, or join them on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

  As a dance theatre company with a focus on new writing, we could not feel happier about partnering with the SJT, who, for a long time now, have had a commitment to new writing in the North. We are aligned on our vision to facilitate meaningful relationships with audiences and participants alike, and we’re pleased to be able to partner with the SJT to help us better serve audiences and participants across the North.

Wayne Parsons, Founder and Artistic Director of VOXED

ARCADE aims to make incredible cultural experiences happen, to support communities to develop creativity, and to collaborate on community-led change through creative projects, workshops, shows, festivals and events.

Find out more about them on their website, or join them on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

We can’t wait to work with the SJT to make some extraordinary community-led projects and shows happen. We will be asking our local community what they want, and also supporting both local and national artists to work within the town and borough.

Sophie Drury-Bradey and Rach Drew, Co-Directors of ARCADE

Artist Advisory Group

A group of artists with a wide range of experience, who will advise us in our pursuit of artistic excellence. 

Our aims

The Artistic Advisory Group initiative aims to create a group of professionals who can give us feedback - our audiences will benefit from new creative and artistic ideas the group bring in, and the theatre as an organisation will benefit strategically from the group’s advice on talent development and collaborations with outside artists.

The group will meet with the objectives of:

-       Sharing best practice from across the industry - members are working at theatres around the country and can update us on current trends and ways of working, ensuring the SJT stays in touch with the wider industry.

-       Providing feedback on our strategy, programming and projects, useful in planning artistic work but also helpful to have input on all aspects of the theatre’s work, from improving access to ideas about our social media presence. 

-       Providing programming ideas - the group have their own networks across the industry and will be able to bring new shows, companies and artists to our attention, enabling us to consider a wider range of possible programming choices for our audience.

Group members

We aimed to recruit artists working in a range of disciplines and with a range of life experiences, whose artistic work we find particularly exciting.  We also aimed for at least half of the group to have previous experience of working at the SJT and/or living in Scarborough, and for almost all of the group to have substantial previous experience of working in Yorkshire.

We have invited two playwrights, two directors, four actors, one playwright/actor and one film-maker to be the initial members of the Artistic Advisory Group.

They are Chris Bush, Amelia Donkor, Andy Hylton, Elayce Ismail, Serena Manteghi, Vinay Patel, Gurjeet Singh, Amy Trigg, John Wilkinson and Christopher York.

Find out more about them here!

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