Haunting Julia


An audio version of Alan Ayckbourn’s ghostly 1994 play.


Written, directed and performed by Alan Ayckbourn
Final mix by Paul Stear

Price: £12

Haunting Julia Image
14 January - 31 January 2021

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"No, listen. Just for a minute. Something comes through that door now, say. Say in the shape of Julia. Someone we know to have been dead for 12 years and there she is. Suddenly. Now I'm not saying this will happen, I'm just supposing this. What do we do?"

Years after his daughter’s suicide, Julia’s father Joe still struggles with the death of the prodigal musical genius. In her old room, he meets with a psychic and her boyfriend to seek out the truth about her death.

But some questions are better left unanswered…

In May 2020, our Director Emeritus Alan Ayckbourn and his wife Heather Stoney gave a remarkable gift to the Stephen Joseph Theatre – an audio recording of a brand new play in which between them they performed all eight parts.

Anno Domino was listened to worldwide, raising much-needed funds for the theatre during the difficult early days of the pandemic.

Now, Alan has followed up that well-received show with another audio recording, this time of his 1994 ghost story, Haunting Julia, with the author playing the three male parts.

“Haunting Julia has great fluidity and speed as a 90-minute audio drama, building its tensions with sinister sounds rising from Julia’s old home to the climax of a nail-biting end... It is engaging on every level and keeps us guessing until the end.”
The Guardian

“…an unusually rich and deeply felt stage thriller.”
The Telegraph on the 2011 revival at the Riverside Studios in London

“There’s definitely a place for audio-only shows as fine as this one” 
The Wall Street Journal on Anno Domino

Please note:

This audio play will be available to bookers until 31 January at this link. You will need to be logged in to your account to be able to listen.

Once you have bought a ticket, you can listen as many times as you like during that time period.

There is also a captioned version available.

Age guidance: 12+

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