Whisky Galore (PG)

The McCarthy1hr 38minsFilm

When a cargo-load of whisky washes up on the shores of a remote Scottish island, the villagers find a way to take advantage.

Price: £7, £6 concessions, £5 SJT+ cardholders

Whisky Galore (PG) Image
16 June - 22 June 2017

It’s 1941. Britain is reeling from WWII and wartime prohibition is taking a toll on the small Scottish island of Todday. But lack of sugar and butter isn’t what’s having the greatest impact – it’s whisky they’re missing. When a cargo ship capsizes on the island’s shores, the local villagers rush to their rowboats to offer to help. And when they learn what the ship is carrying, a freak accident turns into a gift from the gods. 264,000 bottles of whisky lie within their grasp.

But it’s not a case of simply helping themselves to the bounty. English enforcers from the Home Office are determined to keep the villagers in check, preventing them from tasting a drop of the sacred substance. And the people of Todday are equally as determined to outsmart them.

This remake of the 1949 comedy captures the wit and charm of a community who unite during a time of struggle in the hope of having a little fun. Romance, cheeky hijinks and good old fashioned Scottish stubbornness come together in a film that’s set to be a British classic.

Relaxed screening: Friday 16 June, 2.45pm

Captioned screening: Saturday 17 June, 5pm


16 June 2017, 2.45pm

16 June 2017, 7.45pm

17 June 2017, 2.00pm

17 June 2017, 5.00pm

17 June 2017, 8.00pm

19 June 2017, 7.45pm

20 June 2017, 7.45pm

21 June 2017, 7.45pm

22 June 2017, 1.45pm

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