Isle of Dogs (PG)

The McCarthy1hr 41 minsFilm

The future isn’t bright for the canines of a dystopian Japan


Writer & director: Wes Anderson

Key Cast:

Bryan Cranston
Koyu Rankin
Edward Norton

Price: £7, £6 concessions, £5 SJT+ cardholders

Isle of Dogs (PG) Image
11 May - 15 May 2018

Due to an outbreak of so-called ‘canine flu’, the Japanese government bans all dogs from the island, sending them to a former garbage dump to fend for themselves. Over time, the dogs develop a reluctant hierarchy led by Chief, who guides a host of offbeat breeds, including Rex, Boss, Duke, and King.

The dogs rule their garbage sanctuary, isolated from the wider community, until one day a boy named Atari turns up looking for his dog, Spots. Fed up of being separated from humanity, the dogs welcome Atari and work with him to locate Spots, and protect Atari from the Japanese authorities who have come to bring him back home.

Wes Anderson brings together the voices of some of his longest serving actors, including Bill Murray (Ghostbusters, The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Edward Norton (Fight Club, Birdman), along with other off-beat favourites Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Drive) and Jeff Goldblum (Thor: Ragnarok).

Captioned screening: Saturday 12 May, 5pm


11 May 2018, 2.45pm

11 May 2018, 7.45pm

12 May 2018, 2.00pm

12 May 2018, 5.00pm

12 May 2018, 8.00pm

15 May 2018, 7.45pm

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