This Crummy Old Hotel

The McCarthy

Jilted Jenny and her Troupe of misfits have a tale to tell.


Written and Directed by S. Alexander Briggs

Price: £10

This Crummy Old Hotel Image

"As she made the silver lustre and gleam,
In the back of her mind,
There appeared a thought.
An exhilarating fantasy,
That could bring such ecstasy."

Jilted Jenny and her Troupe of misfits have a tale to tell. In a quiet seaside town nothing notable ever happens. A maid, working in a local hotel, must endure the egotistical guests. When a wandering wayfarer arrives in town, our maid is soon shown there are other ways to prompt an early check-out - but at what cost?

Allow this motley crew to lyrically lead you through their menacing saga that is sure to excite your senses. A fusion of rhythm, sound and physicality this is a show that will make you applaud the villain.

Recommended for ages 14+

A portion of proceeds made from the production will be donated to Mind, the mental health charity.


Monday 1 October 2018, 7.45pm

Tuesday 2 October 2018, 7.45pm

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