About Time (Coastival)


This 3 hour script writing workshop, examining ‘time’ and the significance of its impact on script writing.

Price: £10 (places limited)

About Time (Coastival) Image
23 February

A stitch in time. Time flies. Time waits for no one.  

Time is the ever-present context of our everyday lives. So, not surprisingly, it’s also the hidden friend and foe in script writing. Whether you want to consider the ‘two hours’ traffic of our stage’ where drama is a selected slice of time or whether your concern is bending time structurally or looking at time as a theme there are many valuable aspects of this dramatic topic worth exploring. 

This 3-hour script writing workshop, led by Alison Watt, examines ‘time’ and the significance of its impact on script writing. It will interrogate dramatic structure (the choice of time frame, the use of scenes, order of scenes, continuous action) and the impact that that time structure has on creating more compelling and engaging stories. It will look at time as subject matter in itself and its potential malleability in the way it is handled in drama.   

Through discussion, lone and shared exercises, analysis of texts and the participants own creative work, this workshop will examine time in drama in a playful way and explore how it can work most powerfully alongside other dramatic techniques to help participants deliver punch and complexity in their own work.

Part of Coastival 2019

Presented by Beach Hut Theatre Company


Saturday 23 February 2019, 10.30am

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