Knives Out (12A)

The McCarthy2hrs 10mins

When a family gathering goes horribly wrong, three detectives are sent to unravel a puzzling mystery.


Director: Rian Johnson

Key Cast:

Chris Evans
Daniel Craig
Jamie Lee Curtis
LaKeith Stanfield
Toni Collette
Ana de Armas

Price: £7, £6 concessions, £5 Circle cardholders and Under 30s

Knives Out (12A) Image
27 December - 2 January 2020

When a family gathering goes horribly wrong, three detectives are sent to unravel the puzzling mystery behind the death of one of the guests. Rian Johnson directs Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, and LaKeith Stanfield, who star in this modern murder mystery that will keep you guessing throughout.

Captioned Screening: Thursday 2 January, 1.45pm

Read full synopsis:

A mystery is brewing at the Thrombrey residence as wealthy family patriarch Harlan (Christopher Plummer) celebrates his 85th birthday surrounded by his estranged family, brought together just for the big day.

While socialising merrily, however, all the guests and house staff are quickly made aware of some troubling news. Learning of the shocking and sudden death of the elderly Harlan, all are equally horrified by the confusing turn of events, and equally baffled as to who the culprit is.

Sent to uncover the grisly truth behind the puzzling murder, keen-eyed Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), with help from detectives Trooper Wagner (Noah Segan) and Troy Archer (LaKeith Stanfield), begins to work his way through the dysfunctional family, ruling nobody out. Anyone could have committed this foul atrocity, and everyone is a suspect.

Directed by Rian Johnson, this thrilling modern take on the classic whodunit murder mystery stars Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, LaKeith Stanfield, and Jamie Lee Curtis.


Friday 27 December 2019, 7.45pm

Saturday 28 December 2019, 8.00pm

Sunday 29 December 2019, 1.45pm

Monday 30 December 2019, 7.45pm

Tuesday 31 December 2019, 2.45pm

Thursday 2 January 2020, 1.45pm

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