Le Mans '66 (12A)

The McCarthy2hrs 32mins

They took the american dream for a ride


Director: James Mangold

Key Cast:

Christian Bale
Matt Damon
Jon Bernthal
Caitriona Balfe

Price: £7, £6 concessions, £5 Circle cardholders and Under 30s

Le Mans '66 (12A) Image
3 January - 4 January 2020

With Ferrari dominating the Le Mans racetrack for years, two men must work together to develop a Ford race car capable of beating the Italians and claiming glory in the toughest race of all: 24 Hours of Le Mans. Matt Damon, Christian Bale and Catriona Balfe star in this action-packed drama directed by Academy Award nominee James Mangold.

Read full synopsis:

It’s the mid-1960s and Ferrari has cleaned up at Le Mans race for years, running unrivalled to first place in each of the last five races. With an increasingly bitter personal rivalry with Enzo Ferrari (Remo Girone) beginning to spill onto the racetrack, Henry Ford (Tracy Letts) sets his sights on claiming victory next time out in ’66, determined to put a stop to the long-time dominance.

But to create a revolutionary racing car, he must bring together an incredible team, enlisting the help of top designer and engineer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) who recruits world-class British driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale).

With only 90 days for killer pair Shelby and Miles to develop a race-winning formula, a task most would expect to take many years, they’re up against the clock.

As the starting French Tricolour of Le Mans looms closer, though, they’re competing against more than just their unbeatable opposition. Facing personal feuds with bosses at Ford, their place on the team hangs in the balance.

The all-star duo must battle their way into the driver’s seat of the project if they’re to have any chance of claiming glory in the greatest racing rivalry of all time.

Academy Award nominee James Mangold directs this thrilling biographical drama starring Golden Globe nominee Catriona Balfe alongside Academy Award winners Christian Bale and Matt Damon.


Friday 3 January 2020, 2.45pm

Friday 3 January 2020, 7.45pm

Saturday 4 January 2020, 2.00pm

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