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The Stephen Joseph Theatre has a small gallery which runs around the corridor outside The Round auditorium. We aim to champion the works of local artists as well as housing exhibitions related to the current repertoire and, where possible, national exhibitions. The exhibitions usually run from the first performance of a play to the last night - approximately a month. If you are interested in exhibiting please contact the theatre in writing marking your envelope 'Gallery Exhibitions'.

The Gallery is open Monday - Saturday from 10am - 6pm except during performances. Admission is free.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Ryan Chadwick Artist
Monday 23 April – Saturday 19 May

Ryan's work represents a deep love and interest of the world around; the pulsing beat and rhythm of the earth from the largest mammals of the oceans to the tiniest creatures of the rainforest

Neil McBride: Crowdscapes
Monday 21 May – Saturday 30 June

Neil’s love of people is exhibited in these figurative, semi-abstract paintings of crowds of people in eventful situations. They are designed to stimulate and challenge the viewer with their rehearsed spontaneity.


Tina Mammoser After the Ice: Norway and North Yorkshire
Monday 2 July – Saturday 4 August

A sublime combination of colour, light and geology meets in these original paintings exploring the making our modern seaside landscapes as the artist follows the glaciers from Norway to our local cliffs from Skipsea to Staithes.

David Utting: Scarborough to Staithes
Monday 6 August – Saturday 15 September

Red roofs, bright boats and harbours - all the inspiration needed in this short stretch of Yorkshire coastline.


NeverWere: A history of the imagined & never realised Stephen Joseph Theatres
By the SJT Archivist, Simon Murgatroyd

Dates TBC
The Bob Watson Archive presents a historical tour through designs, plans and proposals for never built homes for the Stephen Joseph Theatre from the 1950s through to its present home.

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